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A Simple Guided Meditation for Relaxation

Have you tried to meditate and given up in frustration? Does this frustration make you feel more anxious than relaxed?  If you feel frustrated by your inability to quiet your mind, try this guided meditation as a simple alternative to a more formal practice.

Any kind of meditation can have physiological, emotional, and psychological benefits. Guided meditations give the mind a focus while still allowing you to escape the mind’s every-day busyness and constant chattering. Using your imagination and a guided meditation can help you naturally find peace and a sense of contentment by quietly allowing your mind to settle into a state of calm.

This simple exercise relies on using your imagination to help you relax. First, read through the directions and then try it for yourself.

Imagine yourself in a sunny place where you feel safe and secure. It can be a place you have visited before or it can be a place you only imagine. See yourself sitting in this place feeling very safe and secure. Feel bathed by the soft sunlight. Bask in that sunlight, feeling it bathe and warm you. Enjoy the experience of feeling that warmth. Breathe in the warmth and let it fill you from head to toe.  If you notice any tensions in your body, let the sun’s soft warmth gently relax your muscles and any tension your muscles may be holding. As you’re imagining yourself sitting there, if your mind starts to drift or gets busy with everyday concerns (as minds have a tendency to do), just bring yourself back to feeling the sunlight bathe you. Relax into the warmth of the sunlight.

That’s all there is to it! Spend a few minutes imagining yourself in a safe place being bathed by a warm, golden light. There are no rules to this and you can change it to suit yourself. You can even change the color from golden to any other color that appeals to you. Maybe you feel you would rather be bathed in blue or purple! When you start, you can ask yourself what color appeals to you most and go with that.

You can create your own mini-vacation and enjoy the physiological, emotional, and psychological benefits of meditating by travelling in your mind to your favorite space and allowing yourself to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Increase your happiness and sense of well-being by gifting yourself with time for yourself. Give yourself a break from your constant busyness and let your mind and body relax. After a few minutes, you can return to your everyday life feeling more relaxed, refreshed, and restored.

Meditate Three Minutes a Day to Increase Your Inner Peace

Are you willing to spend a few minutes a day to help relieve your stress and improve your happiness? A daily three minute meditation can have positive physiological, psychological, and spiritual benefits.

Many hesitate to start a meditation practice because they worry about doing it correctly. While there are certainly practices that take years to master, benefits are also gained from spending any length of time in any kind of meditation, regardless of skill or experience.

The best approach is to just do it and avoid focusing on what will happen as a result. When you first start, recognize that some days you will feel good about it and others days you may feel like you are wasting your time. Try to take a larger view and understand that the value of meditation is in simply doing it, not in how each experience feels or in how ‘well’ you are doing it. Each time you spend a few minutes moving yourself out of the busyness of doing, into the quiet of being, you are doing something good for yourself.

To start, it is a good idea to try a few different approaches to find the practice that works best for you. And, since there are no rules, feel free to adapt your practice to suit yourself.

One technique is to follow the breath. Breathe in, hold your breath to the count of five, and slowly exhale. Keep your attention on your breath. Whenever your mind wanders, gently bring it back to paying attention to your breath. You might want to notice if any of your muscles are tense. If so, let them gently unclench. Spend a few minutes, just noticing your breath, letting your thoughts float away, and relaxing any tense muscles.

Another method is to simply spend those few minutes in quiet contemplation. You may choose to spend time in prayer to, and communion with, the god of your understanding. Instead of trying to quiet your mind, move your thoughts from the everyday to spiritual.

Once you are comfortable meditating for a few minutes, increase the time you spend to 5 minutes, then 10. Keep it manageable for yourself so you aren’t tempted to stop your practice. You will receive benefits if you only spend a few minutes a day so don’t pressure yourself with unrealistic expectations.

Give your mind a break from its busyness and gift yourself with a few minutes a day of meditation to help balance your physical, emotional, and mental states. Discover the peace that can be found in just being instead of doing. Notice your level of happiness increase as you establish a daily meditation practice.

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