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Acknowledge Your Accomplishments!

Do you find it’s easier to notice other people’s successes than it is to acknowledge your own? Do you even acknowledge your accomplishments before you raise the bar even higher for yourself and set another goal to achieve?

Why is it that we don’t acknowledge our successes? Having created thousands of resumes for clients from all walks of life, I’m very familiar with the difficulty that people have in identifying not only their accomplishments but their strengths. Some of this may come from an upbringing where bragging was discouraged, but I think it also goes to our belief that our achievements pale in comparison to those of others. From the perspective of an impartial bystander, this is rarely the case

People are so caught up in their lives that they don’t notice their own courage, bravery, and kindness. Part of the problem, I think, is that our society does not encourage us to stop and take stock of what we have achieved. In the work world, the resume can fulfill this function but there are many other, and usually more important, personal successes that will never be featured on a resume.

I would encourage you to create a This Is My Life resume. Categories you may consider including would be Challenges, Triumphs, Enjoyments, and Attributes. Do an inventory of your large and small successes. Identify those things that you feel good about either starting or finishing. Don’t measure your successes against those of anyone else. This is only for you. This is your chance to review what you have done and to acknowledge your efforts and successes

Are you finding it difficult? If so, look at yourself with the same perspective that a friend would have about you. What have others complimented you on or praised you for? When did you notice yourself brushing aside compliments or claiming what you did was nothing special? Allow yourself to own those things. Create your This Is My Life resume and give yourself a pat on the back for your accomplishments!

As an example, here’s my This is My Life resume



Creative and intuitive individual with passion for my own self-development and for inspiring other people to recognize their brilliance. Committed to nurturing family and personal relationships. Resourceful out-of-the-box thinker with entrepreneurial spirit; talent for suggesting resources and formulating new solutions to personal and professional problems. Value-centered; compassionate, empathetic, and caring.


Creative · Optimistic · Intuitive · Compassionate · Determined · Curious · Committed · Motivated · Idea Generator · Flexible · Self-Directed · Enthusiastic


  • Nurture personal and family relationships; value healthy work/life balance and time to enjoy fun/creativity.
  • Pursue self-development; established morning meditation practice and actively cultivate my intuition and spiritual life.
  • Extend myself beyond my shy, introverted tendencies.
  • Published 2 books of quotes by women in both Kindle and print formats; over 7,000 Kindle downloads!
  • Left full-time employment and started own businesses; met challenges of self-employment and reinvented businesses to meet changing markets.
  • As single parent, raised two great children to adulthood.
  • In early married life, navigated 5 major moves across country within 8 years.
  • First person in my family to graduate from college and earn Master’s degree.


  • Love of the arts, including live musical and theatrical performances and quilts and quilting.
  • Family reunions.
  • Every vacation with Dennis.
  • Annual birthday retreats with friends, Molly and Kathleen.
  • My grandson, Colin’s birth, and my other two grandchildren, Brandon and Natalie.
  • The birth of my own two children.


  • Job changes and losses that were outside of my control.
  • Divorce, 1990.
  • Deaths of parents and older brother.
  • Closing of human potential company I strongly believed in; closing resulted in job loss and disbanding of close personal network.

Join the Friend Yourself Project and commit to treating yourself as well as your friends and loved ones. Visit for more information.

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