Friend Yourself Project
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Can You Be a Better Friend to Yourself?

  • Do you constantly criticize and belittle yourself?
  • Are you your own worst enemy?
  • What would it feel like to be kinder to yourself?

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Would You Rather Be Right or Be Happy?
Do you hold a strong need to be right all or most of the time? Are you judgmental and do[...]
Expect the Unexpected
How can one expect the unexpected? How can we expect something, by definition, we did not expect? Regardless of semantics,[...]
Reduce Your Stress Within Minutes!
How do you relieve your stress when you are feeling overwhelmed? When stress strikes, we usually can’t indulge in a[...]
Give Yourself a Break: The Power of Self-Compassion
Are you super-critical of yourself? Do you set high standards for yourself to meet?  Do you believe you should punish[...]
A Simple Guided Meditation for Relaxation
Have you tried to meditate and given up in frustration? Does this frustration make you feel more anxious than relaxed?[...]
Say Yes to Yourself
Do you constantly seek the approval of others? Are you quick to agree to help others without thinking about how[...]
Meditate Three Minutes a Day to Increase Your Inner Peace
Are you willing to spend a few minutes a day to help relieve your stress and improve your happiness? A[...]
Set Your Intention To Be Happy
Positive states of joy,  love, and enthusiasm can overcome and neutralize negative states of anger, hatred, or apathy. Strong determination,[...]
Celebrate Your Efforts as Well as Your Accomplishments!
How often do you congratulate yourself for something you have done? Are you more likely to criticize than congratulate yourself?[...]
Replace Your Shoulds with Coulds
Do you have an incessant personal judge that constantly tells you what you should or should not do? We each[...]
Break Your Cycle of Negative Thinking!
Do you have a habit on dwelling on the same negative thoughts? Do the same discouraging thoughts constantly play over[...]
Replace Your Self-Criticism with Self-Compassion!
Do you believe that you need to be hard on yourself in order to succeed? Do you think showing yourself[...]
How to Find Self-Love through Self-Forgiveness!
How can you love yourself if you are angry and judgmental about yourself? How can you break free from that[...]
How to Deal with Fear
No one wants to live in constant fear but there is nothing like an occasional dose of fear to put[...]
How to Center and Ground Yourself
Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Is your mind racing in a hundred different directions? Here are some quick centering[...]
Breathe In Peace and Breathe Out Stress
If you are feeling tense and stressed, relief may be only a breath away.  Use the time-honored stress reduction technique[...]
Be a Friend to Yourself
Are you looking outside of yourself for validation and happiness? Do you let the opinions of others determine if you[...]
Lighten Up!
Do you take yourself a bit too seriously? Does your mind feed you a constant stream of self-critical messages? Has[...]
Laugh Away Your Stress!
Have you laughed today? Did you know that globally we are laughing much less than we used to in the[...]
Gift Yourself with Rest and Relaxation
Do you consider relaxing a waste of precious time? Do you feel guilty if you aren’t constantly productive? You may[...]
Change Your Self-Talk to Improve Your Self-Image
Do you have a positive or negative self-image? Do you basically feel good about yourself or do you worry that[...]
3 Ways to Become a More Optimistic Person
Are you a pessimist? Do you have a tendency to expect the worst to happen? Although a pessimistic attitude may[...]
Counteract Negativity with Gratitude
Are you having trouble coping with any of life’s difficult, stressful, and negative experiences? Noticing something for which you are[...]
Are You Trying Too Hard to be Happy?
Do you hold yourself to a measure of happiness that you think you need to obtain and maintain? How is[...]
Georgiana CarollusCreator of the Friend Yourself Project

Georgiana is a personal, spiritual, and intuitive coach with a keen interest in helping people recognize their own brilliance in their personal and professional lives. With a Masters of Arts in Counseling, Georgiana has also completed CoachU's well-respected coach training program. As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Georgiana has helped thousands advance professionally. Schedule a FREE Discovery Session to explore how Georgiana can help you!

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